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With over 35 years of  book publishing experience and a talented staff of project managers, editors, designers, and sales representatives, Sweetgrass Books offers an extensive menu of services:

Editorial Services
We offer professional editorial services including substantive editing, copy editing, and proofreading. You have full control of your content and approve each change before it is made. Learn more.

Photo Acquisition
We have worked with some of the finest professional photographers in the nation, and we can negotiate the purchase of stock images for use in your book or on the cover, should you choose this service.

Page Design
Our excellent design staff brings experience and a fresh look to your book’s page design. 

Cover Design
People really do judge a book by its cover, and a professionally designed cover is essential to attract readers. Our experienced designers create timeless, eye-catching covers. 

We can assign your book an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and provide a barcode. 

Our professional proofreaders catch those pesky errors and typos.

To produce our clients’ books, we use the same renowned printers as Farcountry Press, our parent company. Your book will be of the same quality as the books you see on the bookstore shelves. 

Distribution & Marketing
We submit your book to major U.S. wholesalers (Ingram and Baker and Taylor), to regional distributors around the nation, to local and chain bookstores, to museums, and to gift shops. We make your book available through online retailers such as, and, on Books in Print, on Google Books, on, and in the Farcountry Press catalog. We also send out a press release for your book to a variety of media outlets, depending on the book, and our sales representatives present your title
to their buyers.
Learn more about our Marketing Plans here.

We store your books in our secure warehouse, process and ship orders, and provide monthly sales statements.

Learn more.